Blue Cheezes vs. Red Hot Wingz

Sunday, January 6, 2013 • 6:00 PM at ComedySportz Arena | Cost: One Pair of Unopened Pajamas

It's the PJ Roundup! Every year, we team up with the Girl Scouts of America to bring you the PJ Roundup!

Your admission cost to this show is one unopened package of pajamas, robe, or slippers! No money! None!

The Girl Scouts will then take all of the sleepwear and donate it to folks in need.

Blue Cheezes Player photo
Capt. Matt Snyder
Player photo
Dennis Upton
Player photo
Julie Silverstein
Red Hot Wingz Player photo
Capt. Justin Green
Player photo
Katy Berner
Player photo
John Kehoe
Referee Player photo
Brian Tabak
Voice Player photo
Joe Borzynski