Road Shows

Looking for a way to make your event more exciting?

We'll come to your events and run a show as short as twenty-minutes, or as long as a weekend full of two-hour shows. Let us bring our most popular show - an hour-and-a-half hour event complete with referee and PA announcer - or help us customize an event to fit exactly what you need. 
We can bring our own sound or plug into your system. We can perform in a huge auditorium or your living room. We can run a universal show - good for everyone - or cater it to a specific group. 

Because ComedySportz is totally improvised and based on audience suggestions and participation, we can tailor our show to your group. Be amazed as we recreate the office party where the boss fell in the cake! Roll in the aisles as we incorporate all the quirks of your group into a show made just for YOU!

Our clean comedy means that you can come to our show and not be subjected to sexist or racist jokes, harsh language, or personal humiliation. You can freely come to a ComedySportz show with three generations of your family and not be embarrassed. Our show has universal appeal making it ideal for corporations and universities.

To book a road show, or obtain more information, contact our special events coordinator, Richard Satterwhite, at