Get in on the bidding for some once-in-a-lifetime ComedySportz experiences!

2014 Improvathon Live Auction Items

6-8pm Ten Points that You Can Award Anytime During the Improvathon
8-10pm Scholarship to a ComedySportz Class
10-midnight Bottomless Popcorn Bag
midnight-2am Make Your Own Show - Pick All of the Games
2-4am Homemade Cookies
4-6am Watch the Show from the On-field Window
6-8am Take Home All of Our Lost and Found Items
8-10am Be Served (and Eat) Breakfast on The Field During the Match
10-noon We'll Whittle a Stick for You
noon-2pm Be Our Costume Boy/Girl
2-4pm Play Half the Show With Us!
4-6pm Retire a Suggestion for a Year
6-8pm Design a Slide for the JumboTron (it'll run for 6 months)
8-10pm Select and Captain Your Own Team
10-midnight Put Your Face (or Someone Else's Face) on Our Brown Bag for a Year!
midnight-2am CSz Swag Bag
2-4am Announce the Score with Mr. Voice
4-6am Backstage Tour
6-8am Oversized Portrait of You Drawn and Signed by the Players
8-10am Take Home an Authentic ComedySportz Costume Piece
10-noon Name the Foul Pole After Yourself (or Someone else)
noon-2pm Add Your Photo to Our Wall of Fame
2-4pm Mix CD of ComedySportz Players' Favorite Songs
4-6pm Tenfer (Ten ComedySportz Tickets)
6-7:30pm We'll Name a Concessions Combo After You