IMF: Improv Without Rules

IMF doesn't care about brown bag fouls.

It doesn't pay attention to speed limits. It doesn't color within the lines. It swims immediately after eating.

IMF rips the tags off all the mattresses in the store and tells its girlfriend that, yes, she does  look fat in that dress.

IMF talks about the Fight Club.

IMF is improv without rules. Come see what happens.

Second and Fourth Saturday of the month. 9:30pm.

Birthdays? We Do That...

All the cool kids are having their birthday parties at ComedySportz - and you can too!

We have birthday party packages - for kids and adults - ranging from $7 to $27 (pdf of prices and packages).

Call (716-393-8669) or email (richard@buffalocsz.com) for more info or to book your party today!